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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 22, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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can you pass an american citizenship test? >> who is current u.s. vice president? >> current u.s. vice president, isn't it condaleeza rice? >> oh, boy. is that right or wrong? i'll keep it going. we'll find out what people know and don't know about our own government. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> all right. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. muammar qaddafi is fighting back this morning. qaddafi's forces are striking back in libya. they're pounding rebel held towns with heavy shelling. residents in the town say there are casualties including four children and this comes as the coalition tries to extend the no-fly zone to tripoli. fox's steve harrigan has more from libya's capital. >> a third night of attacks here in the libyan capital. several loud explosions off
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about one mile from where i'm standing near the direction of colonel qaddafi's compound which has been targeted as a command and control center for the regime. those explosions followed up immediately by anti-aircraft fire here from several points around that compound, those red tracer bullets going up into the sky. as far as the fighting condition on the ground goes, rebel forces have gotten more coordination around the city, they are beginning to move out of that city and towards the cities which they have been defeated in in the past week trying to reclaim some lost ground. it really depends their success on how much help they get from that no-fly zone. as far as colonel qaddafi himself goes, he hasn't been seen before the cameras since friday. he's making his announcement via telephone that's replayed on state television. he is vowing it will be a long war and one that he says the coalition forces will be defeated in. in tripoli, libya, steve harrigan, fox news. >> thank you very much, steve.
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so yesterday, we had general carter hamm, the guy that's running the operation for the coalition. he's an american. he says it's possible that mr. qaddafi will be in control of parts of the country after this particular operation is all done. so in other words, once they've done all the bomb runs, once they've taken out all the assets, there's a good possibility that the people may not rise up. may not take him outment he might still be there. >> one of our coalition partners, david cameron of the u.k. says it's clear we'd like the libyan people to get rid of qaddafi but ultimately, it's the libyans' choice to make. the defense minister says there's no question he's a legitimate target. makes you wonder what is the true mission? has the language in the u.n. mandate made it impossible for the president to actually speak his mind and say our target is muammar qaddafi because that's not what's allowed by the security council. >> let's listen again to what president obama has said the mission is in libya.
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>> there are a whole range of policies that we are putting in place that has created one of the most powerful international connectic consensus around qaddafi but when it comes to military action, we're doing so in support of u.n. security resolution 1973 that specifically talks about humanitarian efforts. >> so we're doing it for humanitarian efforts? so are we going to go into bahrain next. that's a big, fat problem there. they need help. >> here's the other challenge. we can't even support the rebels. so if you see the rebels fighting and getting annihilated and clearly think to yourself, ok, they're against qaddafi forces. you got the u.n.'s security council gave the green light for the coalition to form and act, they can't -- they are not allowed to pick a winner in that fight. so what are we doing? >> well, john mccain was on greta last night and he talked
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about how as he understands it, the mission is to prevent the slaughter and carnage that had been happening. listen. >> the french and british, i would like to see lead on this. there's no doubt about that. but rather than emphasizing how quickly they get out and how quickly we're going to turn it over, why don't we emphasize getting the mission accomplished which is to stop the slaughter. remove qaddafi from power and give the people of libya a chance for democracy and freedom? why not that be our highest priority? >> did you hear that? he was very clear, john mccain was. remove qaddafi from power. we didn't hear that from the president of the united states. >> he would be a good defense secretary and gates is leaving. keep that in mind. >> advice right now. basically what i've heard some analysts say is that the president talked about getting out soon in a matter of days rather than weeks or months and that was for domestic politics. that was for domestic -- >> that was for us! >> that was for us.
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because he knows that the american public appetite for a third military engagement is very low. that wasn't necessarily for international relations. >> right. so you've got this mission muddle. that's why capitol hill was all atwitter. it was like what's our mission from the president? and that's why he wrote the letter yesterday and that's why he said whatever he said. >> in chile. >> in chile yesterday. so then you've got john mccain saying get qaddafi. what does ambassador john bolten from the united nations formerly say? listen to this last night on greta. >> the president is close to doing the right thing but for the wrong reason and if he doesn't follow through on the logic here, whatever you think of what we should have been doing for the past month, now that we have attacked libya, we have to remove qaddafi because if he survives in power and returns to terrorism and nuclear weapons, we will be his targets so i don't think there's any option. i'm not sure the president, however, is capable of it when he says my political objective is removing qaddafi but that's not part of our military tactic,
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that's so contradictory it borders on the fantastic. >> that's the line of the day. haley barbour somebody who was running for president like tim pawlenty and newt gingrich and others, he's going to the point when the military is in battle, i'm not going to criticize. a lot of people are going by that as well. this is a story that's verified. guardian and "the washington post" are reporting there's a problem with the handover of this operation. the problem is that nato will not take it because turkey's blocking it because they don't like the degree in which the action we are taking on it. so if nato blocks the handover, who is left with the keys? and france is supposed to take over for a while and they say well, we're a little upset because the arab league hasn't ponied up with support verbally and with planes like they said. so wait a second, are we going to be stuck? are we going to be stuck running this operation as well? are we supposed to hand over by tomorrow? >> that's right. this is also detailed in "the
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washington post" this morning where they talk about how the fact that a number of our nato partners are going hey, wait a minute, we didn't know it was going to be quite that punitive. we didn't know they were going to take that stuff out. suddenly there are too many cooks in the coalition. who is calling the shots in libya? great question. >> meanwhile -- >> up on the magic wall today. >> you brought us tim pawlenty, former minnesota governor. >> trying to find out what was there. >> or t. paw, as i like to refer to him. as the kids call him. he's announced he's formed an exploratory committee for president. he's speaking out for the first time what he would do with the libya situation. >> in my view, he's a psycho path and somebody who had designs on nuclear capabilities and currently has weapons of mass destruction capabilities in the form of chemical weapons, a reasonable step like a no-fly zone done earlier had we been decisive would have achieved not only the safety of the civilians
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ta are being assured or guaranteed by the u.n. resolution but also would have given the rebels the opportunity to capitalize on the momentum they had a few weeks ago and push him out and he needs to go. >> speaking of the kids, he made his official announcement on the facebook page, two minute video that talked about it. ed gillespie said, you know what? i think this is the time we'll start to see a lot of guys on the republican side get in. don't be surprised. >> still expensive and such a long, drawn out process still. more will come by june. by the way, he's got a strong record as governor and strong record of taking on the unions and strong record when it comes to spending. the cato rates him extremely high in flat out job performance. >> all right. speaking of performance -- >> speaking of performance, let's give everybody a little test this morning. recently 1,000 americans were given a test. it's the official u.s.i citizenship test given to people
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who want to become citizens. regular, pre-existing citizens didn't fare too well on this test. americans don't know some basic questions. >> right. >> who was the president during world war i? >> during world war i was truman. >> i think it was coolidge but i'm not sure. >> roosevelt. >> who is the current u.s. vice president? >> current u.s. vice president? isn't it condaleeza rice. >> i can't remember his name. >> i can't think of his name. >> who is the current speaker of the house? >> the guy that cries and i don't know his name. >> nancy pelosi. >> who is in charge of the u.s. executive branch? >> u.s. executive branch? right now? i have no idea who is current. >> sorry, not sure right now. >> who is susan b. anthony? >> she's on a coin. >> she was a writer, wasn't she? >> she was the lady that sewed the flag, right? >> she was on a coin. i don't know whether to laugh or
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cry. >> you could do a little bit of both. >> good job. >> you know who should be crying. joe biden. >> why? >> nobody could identified him. joe biden is one of the most identifiable vice presidents, no one knows his name. >> because it's a big deal to be in that. >> right. we should force new york -- we should force new york at least to spend 15 minutes by our zipper and update themselves on the outside of our building of what's going on in the world with facts. >> we have what's going on in the world. ali has them right now. >> fox news alert for you now. u.s. war plane has crash landed in libya near tripoli. the entire crew of the f-15 eagle is said to be safe. it's believed mechanical failure caused that crash. more details when we have it. a second large earthquake in less than two hours strikes japan. this one measuring a magnitude of 6.4. the first is a 6.6. japanese nuclear safety officials say a pool for storing
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fuel hit its boiling point. that's believed to be the cause of steam pouring out of unit 2. with the water boiling away, there's concern that more radioactive steam could spew out. we'll keep you updated on that. also developing overnight, afghan president hamid karzai announced that afghan forces will soon take charge of security in seven areas of afghanistan. the handover is expected to be complete around july, the same time that the u.s. starts drawing down its forces. the move is considered a first step towards having afghan forces control the entire country by 2014. and it's happened again if you can believe this, another tour bus has crashed. this time in middleton, new hampshire, and thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in this one. 20 people were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. it's believed that icy roads caused this crash. interstate 83 opened just one hour ago. last night, three living former presidents gathered in washington's kennedy center to honor george h.w. bush. it was the first time that jimmy carter, bill clinton, george w.
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bush and his father have been together since president obama's inauguration. the event also highlighted the role of volunteer service. looks like they're having a wonderful night there. >> i wonder if jimmy carter was invited and just declined. >> no one talked to him. >> i didn't see him in the picture. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. >> is terrorism qaddafi's next move to keep his grip on power? it wouldn't be the first time so could the libyan leader even be able to plan another pan am 103. that is the word. >> do you think it's easy being the oldest child? >> well, all i hear all day long is how great marsha did that or how wonderful she did that. marsha, marsha, marsha! >> that's no longer the case. why second may be better. we'll explain the birth order. [ female announcer ] right now he's not thinking
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>> the northern portion of libya, is this just another attempt by qaddafi to stay in power and could he eventually turn to terrorism like the 1988 pan am bombing? cliff bay from the foundation for the defense of democracy joins us live from d.c. hey, cliff. >> good morning, steve. >> so qaddafi famously retired from the terrorism business but now his back is up against the wall and people in the united states are wondering, could he come back into the terror business again? >> very easy for him to come out of retirement and get back into the terrorist business. i think what we definitely know is that qaddafi will do anything to stay in power and that if he does survive, he will want revenge and that if he does think he's going down, he won't go gently. >> sure. >> well, if he doesn't go gently, what could he do? if we've got him in a box and he can't move i suppose he could pick up the phone and pick up
6:17 am
the radio and tell his old buddies, help me out. i'm in a jam. >> he can make phone calls. he has envoys. going back to the 1980's, he's given assistance to any group on the planet and he could back to them. he probably has funds even though there's an attempt to freeze his funds to pay. doesn't cost that much to get a suicide bomber to put explosives into some body cavity and use it on an airplane. all that is possible. by the way, even groups like al-qaida. al-qaida does not like qaddafi but he has in the past cooperated with al-qaida against what we're seeing as common enemies. we know that. >> that's true. one of the other problems is and he hasn't pulled this yet, apparently he's got a gigantic store of mustard gas and he might not be able to obviously get on that an airplane or something like that. he can kill his own people, a bunch of them. >> one of the main reasons being cited for what we're doing in libya is to stop him from doing that kind of thing. there was certainly a realistic
6:18 am
fear that he'd go into the city and as he said, he would show no mercy to the citizens there. we could have seen a rwanda like genocide. i don't think the mustard gas is used tore terrorism. there's all sorts of things that can be used for terrorism. i have heard that he has well stored in such ways as blood diamonds from west africa and keep in mind, he has mercenaries he's using right now and he's paying them somehow or other so he has access to funds that he can use. >> as long as he's got the dough, those guys will continue to shoot at the rebels. >> they're going to shoot at the rebels and i think it's a realistic view to say that he may want to use terrorism. now, who he will be most angry at, whether it's his colleagues in the arab league who have deserted him or french president sarkozy who has sort of led the charge or obama who has disappointed them, i can't tell you you. but i wonder if he doesn't think about that late at night. >> no kidding. all right, cliff may, i know you think about this all the time. thank you for joining us from d.c. >> thank you, steve. >> all right. what's coming up? >> well, you know the teenager who body slammed his bully?
6:19 am
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>> the city of costa mesa, california is taking drastic measures to ease the crunching versions of its pension
6:23 am
liabilities. >> it will lay off nearly 1/2 of its 472 workers. stuart varney said the city had no choice because pensions were paid off millions for retirees, the budget won't balance. there was no give. >> look, costa mesa, california, made promises years ago about what they would pay retired city workers for their pensions. a police officer, for example, could retire at the age of 50 and still get 90% of their last year's pay as a pension forever. plus, free health and pension benefits. now, look, you retire at 50. your life expectancy is, what, 30, 35 years. now, the average cop in costa mesa makes $105,000 a year. you'll have people retire at 50 earning $90,000 a year, adjusted for inflation for the rest of their lives plus health care? you can't do that. >> it's untenable. is there anything else the city could have done rather than have to lay off half its city workers? >> they could have tried to raise taxes but that's a
6:24 am
nonstarter because california got proposition 13 that limits the property tax on any given home. you could have raised local sales taxes maybe but no one where near enough to make up for this budget shortfall. >> or there could have been some give with the unions? >> there was some give by the unions, the police officers agreed to put 5% of their money into their pension plan. the firefighters 6%. nowhere near enough because costa mesa within a couple of years will be spending 20% of its total budget. it's going to retirees, not to current workers, not to services, not to roads, nothing like that, no. but to retiree pensions, you can't do that. >> this is a particularly vivid example but are there other towns that are look at the same predicament? >> all across the country. 6 out of 10 of all the city pension funds in america are wildly underfunded and will have to -- you'll be hearing about layoffs at the town and city level throughout this year
6:25 am
period. big time layoffs. >> we know what happened with the market and people earn less. they took this pension money and put it into a fund and that fund was run from city to city by a different person. i thought the market came all the way back and therefore, the pensions had a chance of earning their projections. >> it didn't come all the way back and they projected gains of 7%, 8%, 9% per year every year forever. that's not realistic. promises made can't be kept. >> ok. that's a cautionary tale. tune into varney & company this morning at 9:20 on the fox business network. >> thank you very much indeed. >> we'll see you then. >> yes, you will. >> marsha may be the most attractive of the bunch but -- >> all i hear all day long at school is how great marsha is at this or how wonderful marsha did that. marsha, marsha, marsha! >> that footage not live. but being the first born is not all its cracked up to be. a new study about our birth order is next using real life people, not characters. >> can't wait to see what number
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you are. now that ford is back in the black, guess what the union wants? it wants the perks it gave up to save the company from bankruptcy. we'll talk about whether that's a good idea. >> and the healthiest company is the biggest target. first, happy birthday to reese wither spoon. oscar winning actress turns 35 today and i never dated her. [ female announcer ] treat yourself to something special for lunch. how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination at red lobster? or maybe skewers of tender, wood-grilled shrimp. or your choice of shrimp paired with wood-grilled chicken. all served with unlimited, freshly-baked cheddar bay biscuits. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 that fit into your budget and your lunch hour. only at red lobster.
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>> fox news alert for you. a third large earthquake has hit the coast of japan within the last two hours. meanwhile, the nuclear crisis gets another setback. david piper live in tokyo with the latest. david? >> yes, that last earthquake shook this building i'm standing in violently and it's likely to have hampered those efforts up at that plant about 150 miles northeast of here. they're still trying to cool down those reactors. today, white smoke is still being seen pouring from that plant. tokyo electric which controls the plant says they're still not clear why the smoke is coming out of there at this time. they're also saying that they still temporarily evacuated
6:31 am
workers around the two units that seem to be smoking but they haven't exactly given up on cooling down reactors at this time. they still got the fire trucks up there pumping water over those troubled reactors. the main worry at the moment, of course, is that number 3 reactor in which temperatures have been fluctuating wildly there over the last 48 hours. the worry is because it's partly fueled by plutonium and experts say it could cause longer health problems if there is an event such as a meltdown. u.s. regulators say although reactors of units 1, 2 and 3 has seen damage to their cores, their containment structures are holding at this time. meanwhile, the official death toll from the quake and tsunami is about 9,000 with another 12,000 missing. amongst the dead, it's been confirmed was a 24-year-old english teacher from virginia. taylor anderson is believed to have been the first known american victim of the disaster here. and since families said in a
6:32 am
statement the u.s. embassy in japan told them monday to say her body had been found. david piper, thank you. >> so sad, we had her parents on a few days ago. there was a mix-up of the -- first, they thought she was fine and they got the horrible news yesterday. >> she left from school on a bicycle after the earthquake. and it didn't work out. all right. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. other stories making headlines around the world. in 90 minutes from now, president obama jet sets to el salvador. he's on a working vacation with his family in latin america. last night, he and the first lady wrapped up their day in chile at a state dinner. >> and a terminally ill child known as baby joseph is recovering from surgery this morning. doctors in st. louis hope the tracheotomy will extend his life for a few months. he's expected to be in extensive care for a few weeks and later will be allowed to go home with a breathing machine.
6:33 am
he was taken away from a hospital in canada when he was just hours of being taken off life support with a government run panel in canada. >> meanwhile, a federal judge ordered tucson's shooting suspect jared loughner who undergo a mental evaluation to see if he's competent to stand trial. what took so long? he'll be sent to a prison in springfield, missouri, for the videotape examination. coming up in our 8:00 hour, an update on the tucson victim -- shooting victim gabrielle giffords, the congresswoman. her brother-in-law, space station commander scott kelly just visited her and he will join ali in our 8:00 hour. >> talking to him. >> absolutely. meanwhile, the tiny bully in the videotaped school fight, see him pop the bigger kid twice pretending he's a boxer there? he says he's the victim. richard gale says he's the little guy that taunted and punched the biggest kid.
6:34 am
casy haynes. until he turned the tables and body slammed him. little richard says big casey bullied him first. >> he abused me first. >> really? what did he say to you? >> get to class, you idiot, all that kind of stuff. he mouthed off at me first and then pushed me. >> richard says his fight with caseky taught him a lesson about bullying. he promises he won't do it again. >> he admits it but blames the bigger kid for body slamming him. >> maybe he's learned a lesson. >> let's talk about this. you know a couple of the big car companies got big bailouts from the federal government. >> chrysler, why name them. >> exactly. let's not. one thing with ford, ford didn't take any bailout money and they have turned a gigantic profit. they're making money. now the united auto workers saying to ford, ok, we helped get you out of that hole, now, during our new contract talks,
6:35 am
show us the money! >> guess what? when we cut this deal with our money, taxpayer bailout to keep g.m. and chrysler alive and force a merger with chrysler, we put this thing in. he had to promise not to strike, the unions, they said we'll sign it to keep what's left of our jobs and they get this part ownership thing. ford cut a profit during all the melee, they don't have a provision that says don't strike so they made the most money and now the union wants the most and they can hold over their heads the fact that they could strike and bring their profits down to earth. >> because they were most successful, they're the biggest target now basically. >> i should have said is that way. >> here's the flip side, give the union perspective. that is ford made $6.6 billion last year, ok? and all the top executives got millions of dollars worth of bonuses so the union workers suspended their bonuses during all the troubles during the past four years. they're saying can we have our bonuses back now? why would the workers be
6:36 am
deprived their bonuses but all want them to be multimillion dollar bonus recipients. >> at the same time, what about the people that invested in ford? it's a privately, you know, you can buy stock in it so why not spread the money around to them as well. it will be interesting to keep in mind, you know, back in the day when these very rich contracts were first started years and years ago, they were riding high but times have changed and the way -- we've just heard from stuart varney those gigantic pensions and benefits, they had to come it an end and they did but now they want more dough. >> i'll tell you what, i am fed up with these executives cutting up huge checks without anybody looking over their shoulder. a lot of them don't do anything anyway. that's a good point. bill johnson who represents the workers at ford plant says ford does not restore everything to the union, the membership is going to knock it down. fantastic. all right. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. are you first? are you second? are you third? are you fourth? are you the oldest, are you the
6:37 am
youngest? it all -- your birth order could decide how much you sneeze, how much you make, and what you do. >> well set up, brian. >> take it from there! >> you know, birth order is so fascinating and there's a new -- because it basically, do you know the most astronauts are the first born. >> take a look, we have a graphic. >> most presidents are the firth born. so let's see, birth order. >> first -- the first born receives the most attention obviously. >> tend to excel at school and science. apple polishers in the front row. >> higher i.q. than their younger siblings. >> however, there's a new study that shows there's a down side. that is they're more prone to allergies, food allergies and regular allergies. why is that? >> things that affect your nose and your mouth, apparently. and some have surmised, perhaps, it has to do with when you -- the first -- >> subsequent children, develop some sort of an immunity while
6:38 am
in the womb. >> that's one theory. there's another theory which is parents are so hypersensitive when they bring the new baby home, with the second and third, you're like, you know, i can't be bothered to sponge off the counter. so the fact that they're exposed to more germs. >> this is a window into your mothering. >> i think what's its name has the mumps. put some cream on it. i have to go. the study was 13,000 kids between 7 and 15 done by "parents" magazine. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. weather? >> ok, whether you want it or not, you want to know what the day ahead is going to look like and first, take a look at this. a funnel cloud was spotted out in california. the national weather service issued a tornado warning. yep, that's a funnel cloud. scary when you see it. no reports of any damage right now. meanwhile, let's take a look at -- yeah. that was definitely on the ground. all right. meanwhile, as you can see, widely scattered thunderstorms all the way from the northern plains down through the ohio valley.
6:39 am
moving through portions of west virginia at this hour and also back through the central missouri and mississippi valley. for the most part dixieland through floor nor is nice and dry. currently as you head out the door, 54 in raleigh. 64 in tampa. 60's from mid central plain states on down south. later on today, kansas city is going to be almost 80 degrees at the airport. they're going so have mid to upper 80's in portions of texas. it's going to feel almost summery there. 85 as well in raleigh. new york city, if we're lucky, unlike yesterday when we had snow and rain, it should be 53 and sunshiny later on today. >> all right. brian, what's going on with sports? >> the nfl, this would be a much bigger story hasn't the world had chaos in the tragedy in japan. nfl owners are in new orleans at this hour for meetings. the key issue, they're discussing if they'll play football anymore. owners filed court papers asking a judge to delay a decision on whether to grant an injunction
6:40 am
to end the lockout. now, the court hearing is currently scheduled for april 6th. >> what i do want our fans to know is that this is an effort on everyone's part to improve our game and basically to have played football and on a personal basis, i spent the money i spent to build that new stadium in dallas to play football and not to sit around wrangling in some courtroom. >> that's true. you got some taxpayer money as well. the owners discuss rule changes including moving the kickoff to 35 yards. lot of coaches don't want this. tennessee fired its colorful and controversial basketball coach that plays with a lot of emotion. they find that pearl and his staff guilty of 10 major rule violations including lying about hosting recruits at his home. pearl whose team lost by -- to michigan by 30 points in the ncaa tournament took his team to the tournament in each of the six years. he said his firing was the saddest day of his life. coming up on radio, michael goodwin between 9:00 and 12:00.
6:41 am
jennifer griffin will be joining us. jonathan hunt and a doctor will be joining us and telling us what's it like being on the opposition side to muammar qaddafi. straight ahead on this show, do americans really want a third war in the middle east? find out what americans really think in our radio rumble as the hosts tell us what their people are saying and they deployed the big guns to save a tiny dog. why the coast guard sent out a chopper to save fido next. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack
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6:45 am
has been fired for lying about inspecting a miniature train that derailed leaving a 6-year-old dead. and the coast guard sent out the big guns to save a little dog and his owner. they were stuck in their disabled sailboat 120 miles off the california coast. the mayday was picked up by a man in texas. the man and his best friend are doing fine this morning. brian? >> all right, qaddafi supporters, alisyn, launching new attacks this after the coalition forces bombarded the country with air strikes for the last 48 hours. did president obama make a mistake by getting the u.s. involved at all or in fact too late? for what americans are saying, we turn to our radio rumble. from los angeles, tom likus, from tampa, chris markowski and from washington, you want me to look that way or that way? mark savogn. thank you for joining us. let's find out what they're saying. in los angeles, your thoughts as words came out on friday. >> why is anybody going into libya? i don't understand why we get
6:46 am
involved in one of the civil war, the country is broke. we don't have the money for this. we're fighting wars in three different countrys that we know of. this is crazy. it's crazy. >> what do we stand for? what do we stand for, then, chris if we're going to say you should step aside but don't put any action behind our words? >> i think, what's next? where are we going to go next? my listeners are not thrilled with this at all. i feel like i'm watching a movie, for crying outloud. who knows who is in charge, what's going to happen next. who is going to invade where? >> mark, the problem is, they did a survey, 70% of americans are in support of president obama's actions. >> are not in support? >> are in support. >> my listeners -- my listeners are in support. look, it's a great time for the united states to be on the right side of history. we support a bunch of awful dictators in the past. this is a chance where people are trying to overthrow their own leader. they would have been massacred if they didn't get involved. i pressed president obama before he got involved to get involved. i'm proud of the united states. >> that's what your listeners are saying.
6:47 am
the problem is now there are liberals, the liberals in congress who said he didn't even ask us. he went to the united nations first. why weren't we consulted? >> i think they should be consulted. this is an emergency. the congress should be consulted. i think the president will go to congress and congress will give its approval within the next 90 days. >> chris? >> i think we should -- i think obama should have -- >> absolutely. but george w. bush went ahead of time, we're already involved in two muslim countries. we don't even know who we're fighting against at this point in time. who are these rebels? i mean, you got qaddafi fighting back today. he's got a ton of gold in that country. he's got diamonds in that country. i've been watching your coverage day in and day out, i can't figure out what's going on. >> good choice. >> it doesn't make any sense for us to be going in and getting involved. there's many other dictators, many other people in many countries around the world, we don't get involved there. either because we couldn't win
6:48 am
or no natural resources to be protecting, why are we going to libya and not saudi arabia? >> saudi arabia -- >> because it's the right thing to do. here the people are overthrowing their leader. this is different from iraq where we went in. george bush planned that war 10 days after they got involved. >> why are we -- >> rose up against their dictator and the dictator said there were going to be massacres because they were searching their closets and showing no pity. >> this is ridiculous! we're a humanitarian country who cares about other people. >> this is a nation of six million people. six million people. we had the iranians raising up, he didn't even get a peep out of barack obama in regards to that. now he's involved with libya? why? >> hold on a second, this question to you, tom. do you think if the president acted sooner, there might not have been the massacres that took place from the government officials in yemen, there might not have been some of the attacks that went on in bahrain for those protesters who were rising up. if we send a strong message earlier and aren't we sending a better message now?
6:49 am
>> couldhave, would have, should have. we're broke, i'm a libertarian. i don't believe we should be getting involved. this is where our nose does not belong. >> tom, chris and mark, you put strong cases together. now it's up to the people to decide who is right. friends at and also, twitter us. twitter and now it's time for you to act. have a great day. good job, guys. and good shows. straight ahead, all those jobs created by the stimulus, wonder where they all went? to men or to women? the answer is an eye opener. congress got kicked to the curb when president obama decided to bomb libya. can he do that? judge napolitano is standing by to explain and for a change, he has some passion in his voice.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> as qaddafi's supporters launch attacks today, several members of congress back home fear it could be weeks instead of days before the united states can hand over the lead to coalition forces. should president obama have consulted congress before taking military action? >> yeah. should he have? let's talk to that guy right there. fox news senior judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning, so we've got these -- we've got a bunch of democrats who say that the president exceeded his constitutional authority by doing this. >> you have democrats and republicans because here's what the president did. he went to the united nations. he went to nato. he went to the arab league and he did not go to the congress. in a week when congress was on
6:54 am
spring recess. look, there is a statute called the war powers act that lets the president act in an emergency situation when he believes the vital interest of the united states is at stake, it requires that he consults with members of congress. are the vital interests of the united states at stake? no, no one could make the argument that libya is a serious threat to american security. the president believes that he's engaging in a humanitarian mission by getting involved. he still must consult with the congress. you're talking about $100 million a day in expenses. only the congress can declare war. only the congress can authorize war and even when the president acts unilaterally for a short period of time, he has to tell congress what he's doing ahead of time. >> here's what's confusing, barack obama when he was senator heard you loud and clear and believed in that. here's what he said to "the boston globe" in 2007. the president did not have power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a
6:55 am
military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual threat to the nation. >> that is a very accurate statement of the president's role under the constitution. he knew it then. but the world must look very different looking up to pennsylvania avenue rather than looking out from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> yeah, and i guess he changed his mind. all right. >> this is a serious, serious -- >> it absolutely is. did what he did, is it legal? >> it is legal under the war powers act but the war powers act is not constitutional. >> ok. >> without splitting -- without splitting hairs, the congress says -- the constitution says only the congress can declare war. in order to restrain richard nixon, the congress enacted the war powers act saying we'll let you engage in a war for 90 days. they can't do that. the congress can't give away some of its power to the president. >> let me ask you this quickly, you say the president should talk to congress ahead of time. he called in some of the congressional leaders on friday and said, ok, this is the plan. does that count? >> no, that does not count. the congress is entitled to a
6:56 am
debate. the president can disregard what the congress says for the 90 days but they're entitled to weigh in on it. can a war be fought in the name of the american people without their consent? that's the question because the american people did not consent to their elected representatives. >> it's this kind of great debate that you get weeknights on the fox business channel. freedom watch hosted by that guy right there standing there like uncle sam. i want you to watch. andrew napolitano. >> thank you. have a good day. >> all right. coming up, this polar bear's untimely death stunned fans all across the globe. so what killed knute? the man who lived in the arctic circle is here to solve the mystery. >> meet the principal who is going to war. as "fox & friends" rolls on live from new york city on this tuesday. we wiped the slate clean.
6:57 am
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just arational as it is emotional. >> good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, march 22nd. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. moments ago, news that a u.s. fighter plane went down as attacks intensify in libya. live to the war zone with the very latest. >> exactly what is the mission in libya? >> to give the people of libya a chance to -- for democracy and freedom. why not that be our highest priority? >> ok. it seems, though, that everyone is on different pages. we'll try to review all of them. steve? >> brian, all those jobs created by the stimulus wonder where they went? well, men or women? the answer is an eye opener. "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starting right now.
7:01 am
>> all right. here we go. welcome to the second hour, everyone, a fox news alert coming your way. the government now confirms the u.s. war plane has been -- is now down in libya. the crew is safe. rebels helped rescue the pilot. the f-15 eagle had mechanical problems, we understand. this is forces loyal to muammar qaddafi are on the attack this morning. yep, opening fire on rebel towns across libya and at least three. this comes as air strikes continue. rick leventhal is living through it all outside of the city, that's my best shot at it, rick. sorry. that's in libya. we know that for sure. rick -- >> nice try! >> how are you? >> we'll get there for a minute. we're on the highway, we found yet another soviet built t-72 tank that was destroyed by a nato fighter jet. we believe it happened about the same time the other vehicles that we saw destroyed sunday.
7:02 am
sometimes sunday morning, you can see or perhaps you can see over my shoulder it's blown off the tank. the tank itself cratered. these strikes have been very precise. we don't see any collateral damage. just the vehicle itself completely destroyed. and it's become somewhat of a tourist attraction. we saw a field closer to 10 miles south of the city on sunday where probably 20 tanks, artillery and rocket launchers and other heavy equipment were destroyed in very much the same way. the scene in ajdabiyah, still an active fight. we have seen rebels on the north side of the city in their technical pickup trucks that are mounted with machine guns and anti-aircraft guns, these rebels carrying small arms as well. they've been probing towards here trying to test the qaddafi forces defenses and they make their way into the desert and yesterday, some of them were
7:03 am
fired on by qaddafi forces and there were reported four rebel fighters killed in that probe. they then retreated. today, we understand there was fresh artillery and shelling coming to the north towards those rebel fighter positions. not aware of any of them were wounded or killed but again, the fight does continue in that strategic town that is about 100 miles south of bengazi. >> live in that town with the very latest. >> how's that? >> that sounds good. >> much better. >> we were just talking to the judge about why didn't the president go to congress and ask for authorization. now, think about this. some have suggested this is a risky political move because if anything goes wrong and the president didn't ask them permission, you know, he could have gone to capitol hill. he could have asked both sides. they probably would have given it to him because when things do go bad as they could, he can say look, i got the authorization from congress. >> but in 1999, clinton didn't ask for bosnia and bush didn't ask -- excuse me, reagan didn't
7:04 am
ask for the libya strike. so you'd have to see where we're at right now. but the higher levels and the higher workings of government felt they were not briefed. >> people on capitol hill are saying exactly what is the mission? it hasn't been spelled out to us, what's the exit strategy and what's the end game here? president obama says he has been quite clear what he wants out of libya. let's look back and hear what he says. >> i want to take this opportunity to update the american people about the situation in libya. our focus has been clear. protecting innocent civilians within libya and holding the qaddafi regime accountable. so we must be clear, actions have consequences and the writ of the international community must be enforced. i also have stated that it's u.s. policy that qaddafi needs to go. when it comes to our military action, we are doing so in support of u.n. security resolution 1973. that specifically talks about
7:05 am
humanitarian efforts and we are going to make sure we stick to that mandate. >> protecting civilians by any means necessary. he says it's time for him to go, legitimacy to rule the libyan people, that's not in the u.n. mandate. he says it's up to the people to decide but do they have the fire power to decide? >> i mean, everybody -- >> that's what the no-fly zone is about. >> about the humanitarian effort, everybody is clear. protect civilians who were being massacred but qaddafi has to go, what's that look like? what does that mean? british foreign ministers say, yes, if we happened to take him out with a bomb, well, that's going to be ok. that's quite different from what the french foreign minister is saying and from what we're saying. >> here's the peril with this particular operation. the president said no boots on the ground. that's one thing to take out the anti-aircraft stuff but what if qaddafi's forces just drive down main street and shooting people indiscripple na indiscrimina
7:06 am
indiscrimina indiscriminately. >> they are! >> john mccain made it very clear when he was on the greta van susteren program last night, get qaddafi. >> the french and the british, i would like to see lead on this. there's no doubt about that. but rather than emphasizing how quickly we're going to get out and how quickly we're going to turn it over, why don't we emphasize getting the mission accomplished which is to stop the slaughter, remove qaddafi from power to give the people of libya a chance to -- for democracy and freedom. why not that be our highest priority? >> but that is not the mission. the u.n. is the one who wrote out the mission and the u.n. doesn't say that. the general in charge, general hamm says the current leader could still be the leader at the end of a successful operation so what the senator wants is more what america wants and less what the arab league green lighted and other -- and other members of the security council either abstained or voted for. >> there's a senior member of
7:07 am
the military complex in washington spoke to "the washington post" and they said, their quotation is our intent, it is not our intent to help the rebels but we are. >> well, colonel oliver north was on hannity last night and he said some of this is mind boggling to him. >> here's the bottom line of this president. this is a man who tries to please everyone. he's got various factions in his own party. he's got various factions around the world. he's done nothing but apologize for america literally since he's been in office. and now he's in a position where he has to be the commander in chief and it's just beyond him. >> he can't be behind him. he's two years into it. the u.s. commanders, by the way, expected to hand off leadership of this coalition today. nato will not step up because yesterday, as nato was set to take over, turkey stood up and said, i'm blocking this! >> we object. >> i cannot support the handover.
7:08 am
i don't want nato involved. eastern europe doesn't want nato involved and germany doesn't want nato involved. how do we turn over command and control? we can do it. not to nato. to just france. they don't have the wherewithall to maintain a long term operation. >> the president has the support of the americans. a majority of americans believes the no-fly zone, helping to protect the no-fly zone and civilians. >> then what? that's the question. headlines. >> more developing news for you. a third large earthquake has jolted the coast of japan in two hours. this last one was a magnitude 6.6. meanwhile, japanese nuclear safety officials say a pool for storing the fuel at the plant has hit its boiling point. >> this is not good news. that's believed to be the cause of the steam pouring out of unit 2 with the water boiling away, there's a concern that more radioactive steam could spew out into the atmosphere.
7:09 am
well, new developments from his violent anti-government protests in yemen. yemen's embattled president saying he's willing to step down at the end of the year. this comes after at least 18 military officials defected to opposition movements. it's unclear if the news will satisfy the thousands of protesters especially with the outbreak of violence. dozens of protesters were shot and killed several days ago. another tour bus crash. this time in littleton, new hampshire. thankfully with this one, no one was seriously hurt. 20 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it's believed that icy roads caused the crash. interstate 83 opened just an hour ago. this is the third tour bus crash in the northeast just this month. a michigan principal is leading by example when it comes to sacrifice. in addition to his job at dundee high school, brian schroeder is a captain in the army reserve and been called to serve in afghanistan. >> at first, i was kind of disappointed because he's such a great principal and we love him so much and we don't want him to leave. what he's doing is like i'm so like proud of him.
7:10 am
>> what i teach the kids here, it's very simple. go through your life with hands something on positive, not always asking for something. >> what a great role model. his last day is friday. >> good man. all right. talk a little bit about this. during this economic recovery, they are estimating that in the last year, 1.3 million jobs have been created. extraordinarily, though, 90% of those jobs that have been created have gone to men and when you think about stimulus jobs and things like that, infrastructure, lot of construction, those are predominantly male-oriented professions so it does make sense that they would go there but they also say that maybe the recession is happening in waves. >> see, i'm stunned to hear this new statistic because remember it can be called the mansession because so many men had lost their jobs. it was hitting men harder than women and men were out of work longer so this turns it on its head that 90% of the jobs created went to men. >> i wonder how many are
7:11 am
temporary to begin with. a lot of them are temporary stimulus jobs by make work projects and a lot of those people that kept their jobs is because the city have received the money and they were able to stay in their jobs and now it's the time in which they would get laid off if the money is dried up. >> that's right. meanwhile, straight ahead on our tuesday telecast, the president taking the country to war by committee of sorts. each country has a different agenda. are there too many cooks in the coalition? >> just how smart are you when it comes to knowing your country? >> who is the current u.s. speaker of the house? >> i should know this. >> i have no idea. >> couldn't tell you. >> trying to phone a friend. >> she was calling gretchen carlson who by the way, is off. >> you'd be surprised how many americans would fail these basic citizenship tests. we'll put you to the test later. >> should we kick you out? ?ó]
7:12 am
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>> hi, everyone.
7:15 am
fox news alert. a u.s. fighter jet crash lands in libya near tripoli. the entire crew safe. mechanical problems are being blamed for the crash. this while confusion among coalition countries about who is in charge. >> possible to hit him without unacceptab unacce unacceptable civilian casualties, would you try to do that? >> that would potentially be a possibility. >> i have no mission to attack that person and we are not doing so. we are not seeking his whereabouts or anything like that. >> so the general says we can complete the mission and qaddafi could still be in power. too many cooks in this coalition? is the objective enough? joining us now, fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant ralph peters, author of one of his latest books. are you happy with the mission that the general talked about, that he stays in power and we
7:16 am
complete the mission. >> i'm happy with our actions to stop qaddafi's brutality. i'm not happy with the mission. brian, this is what you get when instead of a commander in chief, you have a community organizer in chief. to president obama's credit, he built the superb coalition. to his discredit, he built it two weeks too late. he missed the way the psychological and cynical advantage that the rebels had. what we're doing now is restoring a stalemate and make no mistake, for all the complexity of the alliance and the air strikes, etc., there is no end game. until the thug sons are dead and in prison. only way to resolve this. >> you know this better than anybody. our mission is given to the u.n. after giving congressional support for consultation. in that mission, we wouldn't have that coalition, perhaps, if we said where our target is
7:17 am
qaddafi. in the end, he's got to go. it certainly would and i'm in favor for various reasons. humanitarian and strategic of what we're doing to stop qaddafi's aggression against the freedom fighters and i understand the limitations imposed by the u.n. and the arab league and all that stuff. but i go back to my fundamental issue. if the president of the united states does not lead there is as we're witnessing a worldwide leadership vacuum. >> colonel, france is the leader. they can't wait for the keys to this coalition. >> look, i think france, the french have been the heroes so far in this. they can still let us down. they're french. but nonetheless, they've been really gutsy and the brits are doing and saying the right things. our pilots are doing a wonderful job but in elsenor, known as the white house, obama hamlet is
7:18 am
wringing his hands still. to be or not to be, what do we do about qaddafi? i'll tell you what to do about qaddafi, you kill him. consider the fundamental morality that we overall totally, why is it legal and ethical to kill the privates and sergeants and captains but not to kill qaddafi and his sons who are giving the orders to conduct these massacres? and we've -- we treat heads of state as a protected species when they, not the privates are the guilty party. >> colonel, great question. i know you write a lot about that and you think a lot about that because you, sir, are an expert in that area. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, thanks so much. >> one of his sons did die, we understand, from a suicide attacker who crashed his plane into his house. he still has eight left. thanks. steve, ali? >> the death of knut stunned fans all across the globe but what killed him? the man who lived among these bears in the arctic circle is here to help us solve the mystery. >> you'll want to hear that.
7:19 am
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>> well, knut, the beloved polar bear at the berlin zoo died suddenly. but many wonder exactly what caused the 4-year-old bear's life to end? >> our next guest spent months studying polar bears for his new documentary "polar bears" appears next month. here to try to make sense of this strange situation, joins us from london. good afternoon to you, john. >> good afternoon, yeah. nice to speak to you. >> so many people have loved
7:23 am
this particular polar bear because we saw those adorable pictures when knut was just a baby and then bigger. you've seen what has happened in the last couple of days. what do you think happened? >> well, it's very difficult to work out. i mean, what seems to be some sort of seizure as far as i can see but i'm not a vet. i spend my time studying wild polar bears rather than bears if captivity. it was a catastrophic event. very distressing to see. this bear was sort of a figurehead for environmental concerns around polar bears and to see it die so publicly and in such a tragic way, it's heartbreaking. but i don't -- >> sorry to interrupt, john, but you have spent so much time with polar bears. some have surmised to polar bears don't fare well in captivity and that maybe that's why he had a seizure of some sort. >> polar bears don't do very well in captivity in terms of their mental health. i mean, it's a very difficult environment for a polar bear.
7:24 am
if you see them in the wild, i mean, they're traveling 20, 30 miles a day in the course of a year. they may do 700 miles. and they're continually on the move. and they need a lot of stimulation. >> uh-huh. while we look at some of these videos when knut was just a cub, they're adorable but you say having been out in the wild and lived amongst these creatures, they are some of the most intelligent predators on the planet. >> i have been in absolute awe of them. i've studied and filmed many predators in my time but i was totally blown away when i started to film polar bears. the fact is that they -- they live in this ever shifting world of floating ice floats and they have to catch on these ice floats. they have incredible intelligence and they have to work out how best to get close to their prey and outwit them. they have to hunt in three
7:25 am
dimensions. underwater, they dive down and even stalk underwater and they jump from ice float to ice float making the most any bits of cover. extraordinary world out there. and they are so supremely adapted to live there. >> we're watching your footage right now, spectacular. but it sounds like you're making the argument they should never be in zoos. >> i think that's -- personally, i don't like seeing a polar bear in a zoo. but of course, there's a lot of polar bears now that have been brought up in zoos and to say you can't release them back into the wild. and they are doing some good because they do galvanize and interest lots of visitors. i think the ones, we need to think more how we can replicate a little bit more of the natural environment. give them more stimulation. they're such curious, intelligent creatures and they are living in an ever shifting world. when you put them in a pen, that
7:26 am
world never changes. and so there is nothing to stimulate them and create an environment that is challenging and in some way represents the way they live in the wild. >> you've got some fantastic video pictures, film from the wild where we're waiting for the premiere of your movie "polar bears, spy on the ice" comes out on sunday, april 17th. >> john, thank you. >> thank you. >> you bet. just how smart are you as an american citizen? can you answer this question, for instance? >> let me see. >> who was susan b. anthony? >> she invented the quarter. >> she invented the quarter. that was a good one. staggering number of americans who failed the basic citizenship test. >> uh-huh. ok, and what would possess a man to do this, throwing away hands full of money. that story. at starbucks. >> then you'll meet a young boy
7:27 am
who woke up after surgery with visions from heaven. years later, he's coming forward to tell his story now. we wiped the slate clean. then we created a powerful, refined and aerodynamic design destined to shape our future. the jaguar xj. automobile magazine's 2011 design of the year.
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the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ than the bmw 7-series or mercedes s-class... making the decision to own a jaguar just arational as it is emotional. >> got a fox news alert this
7:31 am
morning. this morning, three large earthquakes have hit the coast of japan. this last one, a magnitude 6.6 quake. meanwhile, workers continue their battle to contain the radiation leaks at the nuclear power plant. david piper is live in japan with the very latest. david? >> good morning, yes, fresh concerns now after that nuclear plant. it seems 2,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel is in danger of overheating and they had to divert some water cannons from cooling down the other reactors to get that situation under control. the u.s. regulators say now, though, although reactors of 1, 2 and 3 at the plant have seen some damage, their core -- their cores have got -- been contained and there's no danger at the moment of them melting through those containers. meanwhile, the official death toll from the quake and tsunamis stands at around 9,000 with another 12,000 missing. it's been confirmed amongst the dead was a 24-year-old english
7:32 am
teacher from virginia. taylor anderson is believed to be the first known american victim of the disaster here. anderson's family said in a statement the u.s. embassy in japan called them monday that her body was found in a city 240 miles north of here. >> thank you very much. also, we understand that apparently the japanese are saying there are some kind of high levels of radiation in the sea water. but don't worry. >> all right. that's scary stuff over there. meanwhile, give you a libya update now. another fox alert for you. a u.s. war plane has crash landed in libya. both pilots ejected and are confirmed safe at this hour. the plane is believed to have had mechanical problems. meanwhile, qaddafi's forces are unleashing a fierce attack today on several rebel held towns and there are reports of civilian casualtys in the western city. and there are reports of attacks in the nearby city. this comes as rebels back in eastern libya vow to press along
7:33 am
with their offensive now that coalition air power has established a no-fly zone over that part of the country. >> all right, investigators in houston are trying to figure out how a man fell off a roller coaster ride this weekend. witnesses say the safety bar and lap strap were in place. when the ride ended. that is my biggest fear, by the way. inspectors say i also don't want to fall from anything high. inspectors said they could not find a malfunction in the safety devices. the ride operator did not see a man fall even though he's supposed to watch the ride start to finish. he didn't notice the guy falling from your ride? >> no kidding. probably doesn't have that job today. meanwhile, take a look. high winds are fueling a massive wildfire this morning near golden, colorado. so far, 700 houses have been evacuated. and so far, they say that 850 acres have been burned. firefighters say the fire is only 15% contained. and expect 40-mile-per-hour
7:34 am
winds to continue through much of the day. >> all right. you're looking at new video from washington, d.c. four living former presidents gathered at the kennedy center last night to honor george h.w. bush, the first time that jimmy carter, bill clinton, george w. bush and his father have been together since president obama's inauguration. the event also highlighted the role of volunteer service. let's look at great event. >> yep. >> meanwhile, we've told you that, you know, the state of america's education is such where when you stack us up against other countries we do not do so well in english and math and history and stuff like that. and now there's a brand new poll out. they asked 1,000 americans some basic things that you really should know about america and surprisingly, people got some things that you should -- for instance, you should know when independence day is, right? >> well -- >> some couldn't find it on a
7:35 am
calendar. >> people think that's when they moved out of their house. >> i think that was a trick question because if you call it by its real name, 4th of july, they can probably find it on the calendar. >> come on! that's like giving the answers before the test, they do better. >> this is on the actual citizenship test. this is what immigrants take. >> to be part of our club in america. >> 29% of those americans that were asked could not name the vice president. >> 73% could not correctly say why we fought the cold war which was over communism. >> and 43% were not able to define what the bill of rights are. so let's let you listen to what some of the answers americans gave. >> as they try to redeem themselves. >> who was the president during world war i? >> during world war i was truman. >> i think it was coolidge. i'm not sure. >> roosevelt. >> woodrow wilson. >> who is the current u.s. vice president? >> u.s. vice president, is it condaleeza rice?
7:36 am
>> can't think of his name right now. >> biden. >> who is the current speaker of the house? >> the guy that cries and i don't know his name. >> nancy pelosi. >> boehner. >> who is charge of the u.s. executive branch? >> executive branch. right now? i have no idea who is current. >> sorry, not sure right now. >> the president, ok. >> who is susan b. anthony? >> she's on a coin. >> she was a writer. wasn't she? >> she was the lady that sewed the flag, right? >> women's rights, maybe suffrage or voting. >> there you go. people get around to it eventually. >> go to friday's, that's where small people are. >> 24 minutes before the top of the hour. i bet the people would know the weather they're experiencing. >> all they have to do is look at the maps. we'll show you that in a minute. look at this. the minimnesota river surged ono highway 93 in henderson,
7:37 am
minnesota. crews prepared for flooding by sealing off the town with concrete flood walls. but as you can see, didn't stop all that water from covering that road. meanwhile, let's take a look at where it is raining and it's raining heavy at times across portions of minnesota right now on into wisconsin and michigan as well and line of thunderstorms currently extends into the commonwealth of virginia. it is dry for the most part across the carolinas down through georgia, also florida and back through the gulf coast through portions of texas. currently, as you can see, the reading, it's a nice day temperature wise. across the central plain states, temperatures in the mid 50's. mid 60's in the mid atlantic and feeling like winter in portions of new england right now. later on today, hang on, caribou, maine, you'll be to 50 degrees. 42 in both cleave haveland and i
7:38 am
chicago. if all goes well, it should be 80 degrees. >> nfl owners are in for their typical meetings. they've filed court papers asking a judge to delay a decision on whether to grant an injunction to end the lockout. court hearing is scheduled for april 6th. let's listen. >> what i want our fans to know is and this is an effort on everybody's part to improve our game and to basically play football and on a personal basis, i spent the money i spent to build that new stadium in dallas to play football and not sit around wrangling in some courtroom. >> and he's also the general manager as well. the owners discussed rule changes including moving the kickoff line-up to 35 yards. nfl great lawrence taylor heads back to a u.s. courtroom today, he'll be sentenced on sex crime charges. under a plea deal, taylor is expected to get six years probation and forced to register
7:39 am
as a sex offender. that stinks. the former giants linebacker was arrested for allegedly having sexual conduct with an underaged prostitute. taylor insists he didn't know the girl was 16. amazing comeback story. charlie davies who 17 months ago was in a horrific car crash. he scored two goals for the d.c. united as he took the field for the first time since the accident. he was to star for the world cup team. he suffered broken bones in his legs and face and had bad head trauma. after 17 months of intense rehab, he's back on the field scoring two goals in the debut and one of america's bright young stars on the world cup squad when he went down so are the u.s. chances for moving forward. it's incredible that somebody survived somebody like that. >> overcoming the odds. the banner had it exactly right. >> straight ahead on the rundown, strange man bursts into a coffee shop and starts throwing around cash in the
7:40 am
coffee shop. we're not kidding. details ahead. >> how come some of the strange men i see in coffee shops do that? >> you just get up. >> a young boy wakes up from life saving surgery with visions from heaven. now he's older and he's ready to tell his incredible story. we'll meet him and his dad next. >> first, the pfizer trivia question of the day. it's pain relief without the pills. no pills, no pain. how can you get pain relief without taking pills around the clock? try thermacare heatwraps, for all day relief without pills. i was surprised, thermacare worked all day. you feel the heat. and it relaxes and unlocks the muscle.
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in michigan long days, relaxing weather and more than 800 pristine coursesmake for the perct tee time. because being able to play all day is pure michigan. your trip begins at >> heavy rain in california caused a section of the pch highway to collapse into the ocean.
7:44 am
the department of transportation says the highway will not reopen until next month. take your time. it will cost about $2.5 million to fix. strange scene at a starbucks in boston. mystery man walked in and yelled out i'm rich! and then threw 100 $1 bills on the floor. witnesses say the man quickly left. a starbucks worker donated the dough to relief efforts in japan. nice! >> all right. meanwhile, it's your land. a new york man is fighting for the land he has owned for 26 years. he developed a small gravel and sand company just off the highway in upstate new york but new york state is confiscating the land using eminent domain. but they only want to pay him $3600 -- >> 32. >> $3200, david joins me live. they want to give you $3200 for six acres. >> yeah, they're shutting me out of my other 12 1/2 acres.
7:45 am
>> what do they want to do with the land? >> well, they're doing an interchange there and they need a little piece of it but they took the whole thing. >> ok. now, when they told you, ok, we've done an appraisal of your land and we're not going to show you the appraisal. did that send off a warning bell in your head? >> well, what happened was i asked them, i says i'd like to see that appraisal you did and they said we can't. that's internal documents. we can't let you see it. i told you $3200 for my gravel pit, you know, not only is it -- they've taken my business from me. they've taken my land. that's a big deal out my way and then i say you think $3200 is fair? he said oh, that's more than fair. you're either stupid or you're lying. $3200 is. >> $3200 is not much because it's not only your six acres, the main parcel of land but cutting you off from another piece of 12 acres that you own.
7:46 am
>> 12 1/2. shut me right out! >> do you feel like a victim? >> not so much because i fight, you know, but like i talked to the neighbors across the street, an old lady, she's, you know, her health is kind of failing. she says they took my front yard. and they didn't give me enough. she said that's not right. i don't have the money to fight it. >> that's exactly right. here's what the new york department of transportation said to david. ny d.o.t. fully complies with the eminent domain procedure law. individuals that feel the department has not met its responsibility for providing just compensation are entitled to seek remedy through the court of claims. listen to that, david, here they've got the entire mechanism of the state government, they say with all of our lawyers, we're standing by. if you have a problem with it, sue us. >> yeah, but i got the constitution right here. and article 5 says private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation so i told them, i sent them a certified letter and i said you need to give me just compensation so you're entitled
7:47 am
to nothing. it's my land so when i leave here, i'm going to go home, cut trees and do some gravel. >> even though they said it's their property now. >> they -- i said you can think it's yours, you can wish it was yours but until you give me just compensation, it's not yours. >> did they offer you a replacement property? >> well, it's funny. now he want to do another appraisal. >> i got a feeling it's not going to be $3200. >> they're not getting the land unless i get my just compensation. >> you got to keep us posted. >> thank you for having me. >> david. >> hey, people ought to get involved with the tea party. it's a good thing because these government people, it's not the state of new york who is doing this to me. it's people who work for new york state and i've tried to call the commissioner. >> it's a land grab. that's why we've been highlighting it. >> i need the governor to get involved in this. i'd like to talk to him. he needs to come down to upstate and see our county and talk to our people. >> if he's watching, listen to that. >> thank you, david. >> straight ahead on this show on this tuesday, why many states
7:48 am
are raising taxes, arkansas is going to cut them. how the heck are they able to do that? wait until you hear from a lawmaker on the right and on the left. to heaven and back. a young boy says he went to heaven and into the arms of jesus. he's here next with his incredible story. but first on this date in 1962, "hey baby" by bruce channel was the number one song in america. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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7:51 am
>> the winner is pat from new hampshire. congratulations. everyone, you must listen to this incredible story. he was just 3 years old when a near death experience sent him on a path of discovery that few
7:52 am
can imagine. he saw heaven. now, 11-year-old colten and his father are sharing his astonishing tale in the best selling book "heaven is for real." todd and colten join us today. welcome, gentlemen. nice to see you guys. colten, let's start with what happened to you. back in 2003, you were 3 years old. and you had a ruptured appendix. you went into emergency surgery at the hospital and while you were under anesthesia, you say that you slipped away. and you went to heaven. and tell us what you saw up there. >> well, up in heaven, you see plenty of colors. plenty of people and plenty of animals. >> and you say that you met jesus. what was that like? >> well, you get this warm, safe feeling when you meet him. because he is god's son. >> and what about a man, an
7:53 am
older man whom you met who you recognized though you had never met him before as your great grandfather? what was that like? >> well, my great grandfather pop, we were just -- i was just sitting next to the holy spirit and then he comes in and says, are you todd's son? and i say yes. he says well, i'm his grandfather and that's where i met him. >> incredible. todd, when you started to hear these stories, when colton woke up, what did you think? >> well, he started talking to us in the hospital. i remember one moment he said dad, you know, i almost died. scared me to death and i changed the subject because i wasn't ready to talk to my almost 4-year-old about dying. i thought that if we talked about dying, i'd give him permission to stop fighting. i knew for five days, he had been struggling and i'm like i don't want you to quit fighting. i changed the subject. it wasn't until four months later that he said dad, you
7:54 am
know, the angel sang to me while i was there, we clued in and went what did we miss? when i started asking more questions, he said dad, i could see you were in a room praying by yourself. mom was in another part of the hospital and she was on the phone talking. and he's giving me details, exact information, the surgeon in the operating room couldn't have told me what my son was telling me. the nurses couldn't have and all of a sudden, i was just stunned because it was like, how do you know that? and he's like well, i was above you and i could look down and i could see you and i had no explanation for that. >> he also told you that he had met his sister. >> yes, he did. >> what did that mean to you? >> that was a stunning moment for us. we were in the living room. he comes bouncing in at 4 and goes up to his mom and says mom, i have two sisters. he has an older sister, cassy. and she didn't know what he was trying to say. all of a sudden, he looks at his mom and said mom, you had a baby die in your tummy, didn't you? and all of a sudden, i think women grieve with miscarriage differently. but for my wife, it was a very private thing.
7:55 am
she didn't share that with very many people. as her husband, i protected that. and how do you tell a little 3-year-old that babies die in their mommy's tummies without scaring them to death. it was something we hadn't brought up with him. i remember her leaning into him, who told you that? she did, she told me she died in your tummy. he goes to walk off. mom explodes. you know, colton todd, you get back here right now. and he comes back and it's like it's ok, mommy, god adopted her. she's ok. and she's like you mean jesus adopted her and he's like no, his dad did. and describes her, how she looks, a lot like cassy except she's got brown hair, not quite as big as cassy. and he's just like -- she just wouldn't stop hugging me, mom, she wouldn't quit hugging me and he looks at me and dad, i told her when you get to heaven, you give her a hug since you always give your kids hugs. it's one of those moments that just -- the peace that came over us was incredible. >> i can imagine. it's jaw dropping. stuff. so colton, why did you want to write this book?
7:56 am
>> well, really we didn't want to write the book at first. but i really wanted the book to get written because now our memories to keep. and we need to share that. now it's becoming healing for others. >> i can imagine because you have a window into something that so many people wonder about and it's strange to ask somebody who was then 4 how it changed your life but how has this changed your family's life? >> well, it's defined his life. i mean it happened to him when he was so little, this is so who he is. for us, our faith is definitely being encouraged. we've had some hurts that we had. we thought we probably dealt with the miscarriage but it was still there. and now we've gone beyond closure to knowing i have a little, you know, she's not that little anymore according to colton, she's growing. looking down at me waiting, a daughter waiting for me in heaven. >> that's remarkable stuff. the book is "heaven is for real". colton and todd, thanks so much for coming in with your personal
7:57 am
story. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up, no wonder they're so angry with governor walker, some wisconsin teachers might lose 90 sick days. that's right. three months worth. lawy laura ingraham has that. hollywood is remaking a classic. why they don't want to offend china this time around. [ female nouncer ] most women in america aren't getting the ccium they need. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value to help close the calcium gap, we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com.
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, march 22. i'm alisyn camerota. a fox news alert a. u.s. fighter jet goes down. we'll go live to the war zone with the very latest. >> steve: who is in charge against colonel gadhafi in libya? what exactly is the mission? well, the president's critics say he's lacking leadership. laura ingraham weighs in. >> brian: marsha may have been the most attractive of the bunch. >> steve: really? >> all i hear all day long is how great marsha is at this or wonderful she did that, marsha,
8:01 am
marsha, marsha. >> brian: i feel her pain. being first born ain't all it's cracked to be. a new study puts a new mean to go sibling rivalry. >> alisyn: okay, jan. >> alisyn: good morning, en. thank you for joining us. obviously still so much breaking news coming out of libya. this is a fox news alert. u.s. war plane has crashed in libya. you're looking at pictures of the base in italy where the plane was based. both pilots ejected and were later found safe with just minor injuries. military believes the plane had some sort of mechanical problem. this comes as gadhafi's forces attack rebel held towns and the rebels are said to be on the move, vowing to continue the offensive westward. rick leventhal is on the ground
8:02 am
in libya. tell us what you're seeing at this hour, rick. >> alisyn, one reason the rebels are able to advance in the direction westward is because of the damage from the nato no fly zone has done. one of those t 72 soviet made tanks is behind me. this was apparently hit on sunday morning when the jets took out many of gadhafi's tanks and heavy armor. the turret had the top blown off. the tan body is heavily damaged and cratered. you can see cars come down the highway here. they see the tank, they pull over. they get out and take pictures of it. some are honking their horns. further down this highway in the direction of the fighting, that's on the eastern side of the libya, the rebel fighters have gathered north of the town and continue to try and probe gadhafi's defenses. the gadhafi military is still in
8:03 am
control in a strategically located town. they've been in control of that city for more than a week now. as the rebels probe close to the city, they are being fired on by tanks apparently and artillery. yesterday afternoon, there were witnesses who watched as a convoy of rebel vehicles headed into the fight. they took fire and at least four were killed, according to witness reports. the rest of the rebels retreated, but they continue to probe and as you may be hearing and seeing, many of the fighters are celebrating because they do believe now with nato support from above, they may, in fact, winning this civil war and the tide may have swung in their favor. still difficult slug fest south of us. >> alisyn: it sure looks like it. rick, thanks so much. his reports are incredible because he's right there in the action and when he's showing us plane crashes and the aftermath of some of these.
8:04 am
>> brian: how about this? you go on the offensive by hopping in your family pick up truck and going forward. that's how raw these rebels are. >> steve: laura ingraham joins us now. >> how are you? >> steve: fine. so the president of the united states felt yesterday while he's on his road trip down in chile that he better come out and explain the mission. do you know what it is? >> i think the best piece written on this today has to be david brooks' piece in the "new york times." and look, i think there are more questions about what we're doing and how this is going to play out than there are answers now. we don't know really who these rebels are. some of them really are courageous, but some of them probably really hate the united states, too. we are, i think, engaging in an incredible multi lateral fiction if we believe the united states ultimately will not bear the ultimate cost and the manpower infusion of this intervention. if anything goes wrong, then you
8:05 am
know the united states is going to be there to pick up the pieces for our allies who -- look, it's nice to see france doing something militarily. i'm kind of enjoying that. but i think they're are a lot of questions about whether or not this is the way to go. there are a lot of bad things in the world doing bad things to their people. frankly a lot more people dead in africa and around the globe. look what robert mugaby has done. we've got to be precise and i don't think oftentimes the president has been clear on this. we're not getting rid of gadhafi. we are getting rid of him? what are we doing? >> alisyn: let's play for you what john mccain said last night with greta van susteren about that global consensus and about whether gadhafi needs to go. >> i think we're there because there was some very close to being a humanitarian situation and a disaster in benghazi. i think he should be in our
8:06 am
target in the respect that he should leave target. what we really do need is to remove him from power. i would like to see him on trial for the war crimes he committed. >> alisyn: he said he was happy to see france and britain take the lead. what's your response? >> i think he raise has great point. the follow on, though, of course, is look at the ivory coast. look at the civilians in the ivory coast. we have a president being pushed out of power and refuses to go. our state department, hillary clinton yesterday, saying look, he has to go. but we're not sending in the military to help the civilians. they're being slaughtered as well. again, it's a little bit disingenuous for us to say, the goal of this mission is not to remove gadhafi. well, it obviously is the goal of our mission and if it is the goal of our mission, we owe it to our military and the taxpayers who are spending a lot of money already on this to tell them the truth about this. we got to do that. >> brian: unlike iraq, if we get gadhafi out and the rebels move in, we're not going to have to rebuild the place. we're not going to be on the
8:07 am
hook for the money. it wasn't our idea. we have the fire power. don't you agree with that? >> i think maybe. again, i think gaping this out and -- gaming this out and saying we'll be in and out, i hope that's the case. we're setting a low bench mark for military intervention if as the president says, we intervene when a tyrant tells his people he'll show no mercy. we could rattle off five or six contemporary names that are doing just that around the world, yet we're not involved militarily there. >> steve: we're going to continue to cover that throughout the day here. what about this story, laura? we did this, i believe, $60 billion weapons deal with saudi arabia and they bought some of these new tangled super duper jets that are so amazing, we have made this deal where, hey, saudi arabia, why don't you bring your pilots to idaho and we will train them? of course, it was a saudi
8:08 am
trained pilot who flew one of the 757s right into the pentagon on 9-11. >> yeah. this is such a real pr disaster in many ways. it certainly hasn't been, again, explained to the american people if there is a real reason for doing so. i think given what's on the line for the country, i think we need to know more about it. we know the following. the senators in idaho seem to be on board because look, it will be a huge amount of money that goes into this area of idaho. the mountain view, i think that's the right army base -- air force base has been passed over for a whole series of projects. so they're liking the fact they're going to have all these people there. saudi arabia is footing the bill, as they should. but look, no doubt about it, we still haven't gotten the information we want out of saudi arabia for the 9-11 terrorist attack on our country. we wanted to interview all the family members of mohammed atta. as far as i know, we weren't able to do that the way we wanted to.
8:09 am
yet, saudi arabia is a really important ally of ours. i think we have to hope that there isn't a coup in saudi arabia as we're seeing play out across the middle east, against the royals there who are unpopular among a lot of the islamists, after we give them all this great training and great technology. i certainly hope that stuff is secure, the army and air force are saying it is secure. >> brian: in case of coup, toss out. >> yeah, exactly. destroy. >> alisyn: let's talk about what's going on in wisconsin. obviously there has been massive teacher battles and public employee union battles there. there has been a lot of information that's come out about some of the deals that teachers and public employees have gotten. in oshkosh, wisconsin, teachers have 96 days -- >> steve: seems fair. >> doesn't roger else give us that here at fox? we have a lot of teachers in my
8:10 am
family, so i love teachers. but look, you had a pretty good deal, in some remains, you get the summers off. you get the summer off, then 90 games, not that people are trying to game the system. it's a pretty good deal. it shows us the disparity between obviously the private sector and these public employee unions. they've been able to secure for teachers. this is a really ugly game of musical chairs because the music has stopped. there are no chairs. there is no room for this type of nonsense anymore. no money for it. and all i can say about oshkosh is, begosh. >> steve: laura, the music is going to start on your radio show, so you'll have to go do that. >> i'm the youngest child in my family and i think i bear all of the really naughty characteristics of that. >> brian: you like literature and aggressive contact sports. >> that's right. i do. you know.
8:11 am
>> alisyn: thanks so much. we want to bring you more developing news right now because this morning, three large earthquakes have jolted the coast of japan. the last one was a magnitude 6.6. we're also learning the power links have been hooked up to all the units at the fukushima nuclear facility. the deadly tsunami and earthquake claimed its first american victim. 24-year-old taylor anderson was found in the rubble. the virginia native was teaching in japan. she was supposed to return home in august. and new video from kabul where afghan president karzai announced afghan forces will take charge of security in seven areas of afghanistan. the handover is expected to be complete by july, around the same time the u.s. starts drawing down its forces. it's considered a first step toward having afghan forces patrol the entire country by 2014. the tiny bully in the school yard fight is finally speaking out, claiming he's the real
8:12 am
victim. richard gale, the little guy there seen punching and taunting the bigger kid, well, that is until casey does this, and body slams him. now richard says casey bullied him first. >> he abused me. >> really? >> yeah. >> what did he say to you? >> get to class, idiot, all that kind of stuff. he mouthed off at me first. then pushed me. then ran. >> alisyn: richard promises he will never bully anyone again. >> steve: learned a lesson. >> alisyn: apparently. >> brian: i was asking people, when is it time to stop turning the cheek. that is probably the most inflammatory. >> steve: what are they saying? >> brian: none of your business. no, i asked today and most people say they shouldn't turn the other cheek. >> alisyn: it seems like the timing of what that kid did was perfect. he did for about three times and couldn't take it. >> steve: all right. straight ahead on this tuesday show, while nearly every state in the union talks about raising
8:13 am
taxes and cutting spending, arkansas could give every taxpayer a gigantic tax break. how can they do that? hear from two state senators next. >> brian: he was born with one leg. but don't count this young athlete out of the competition. we're going to talk to the championship wrestler who just wouldn't lose. [ thinking ] oh, gourmet deliciousness...
8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. >> steve: welcome back. most states across the country are looking at layoffs and cuts to deal with massive budget cuts. but that's not the case in arkansas. state lawmakers are actually -- are you sitting down -- they're cutting taxes. to explain how they did it, we have live from little rock, arkansas state senator, gilbert baker and arkansas state he wanttive, kathy webb. they join us. he's a republican and she's a democrat. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: senator, let's start with you. i understand you've got a situation there where you've got to balance the budget and this year you're looking at actually
8:17 am
a surplus of money. where is that dough coming from? >> well, we've had some good economic vitality. we've got a new natural gas play here in central arkansas. and our fiscal house is in order. we have a balanced budget and that helps kind of propel this economic vitality, give us a surplus. >> steve: okay. now, representative, when you do have a surplus then, because the way -- we're looking at state budget shortfall, as you can see, it's a negative number right there. in your state when you've got extra money in the kitty, you wind up being able to cut taxes. so which tacks are you going to cut? >> we've worked out a compromise. we'll cut six tax, grocery tax, we're cutting single head of household with two or more dependents. we're cutting a utility tax for manufacturers. we're cutting the used car tax, raising the exemption on that. we have a geotourism tax and we
8:18 am
have a sales tax holiday. so we've got six different taxes that we're cutting for the people of arkansas. >> if i lived in arkansas, i would just say fantastic. now, for people who live in the other 49 states, though, senator, what's the message that they should be learning from your state? >> conservative budgeting. we have a strict process where we project what our revenues are going to be and republicans and democrats, liberals, conservatives get in a room and make those tough budget decisions and it keeps us above water and we're able to give some tax breaks to our citizens this year. it's really a great thing. >> steve: representative, we've been seeing what happened over the last month or so in madison, wisconsin, where the public employees unions have been -- and the teachers unions have been protesting what are going on there. does the state of arkansas also have the same educational problems where the teachers -- with the tenure and the last hired, first out business? >> we have educational issues
8:19 am
that crop up, but because of the laws that we have on the books, we really focus on the budget. and we work across the aisle to do that. there is not as much partisanship when it comes to budgeting. >> steve: it's fantastic news coming out of little rock, arkansas today. senator gilbert baker and representative kathy webb, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: that's terrific. all right. next on the rundown, how your obese neighbors are making your commute longer. you're going to want to hear that. then hollywood wants to remake a classic in order to please the chinese. you got to hear this one to previous it on this tuesday, "fox & friends."
8:20 am
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8:22 am
>> brian: a remake of the
8:23 am
classic "red dawn" finished taping in 2009. but mgm hasn't released it because they're spending $1 million to edit out the enemy because the enemy is the chinese. and replace the enemy with a new one, north korea. why go through all that trouble, ali? >> alisyn: i'll tell you why. we're joined by media analyst, james. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> alisyn: well. the answer is because china is a gold mine, right? they can make so much money with the chinese audience that no longer can china be the enemy? >> yeah. it's really amazing how much has changed since 2009 because china has become the fastest growing movie market in the world and to add to it, we've only had less than a half, maybe two dozen films a year totally controlled by the chinese government. but the world trade organization has ruled that they have to open
8:24 am
that up. of course, studios like mgm are looking at this which has grown to a 1 1/2 billion dollars total gross market and in addition, they sent a message to hollywood a couple of years ago. the movie, "the dark knight "was banned in china because a minor villain was chinese. so they have pipelines to china and the chinese government let mgm know, they communicated through channels that they were not happy with these chinese villains. this is unpress departmented because the film was already shot. it was shot in pontiac, michigan, with chinese flags all over the town, and insignificant knees on the tanks and the basic premise of the movie is it was based on the debt president chinese coming to collect. >> brian: something about china invading the u.s. rubbed them wrong. here is a statement from mgm. we've been working on the film,
8:25 am
to make the most commercially viable version of the film for audience world wide as an incredibly fun and entertaining action adventure film, we want to insure that most people possible are able to experience it. so that's the reasoning behind backing out with the chinese villain. >> yeah. it's the reasoning, that's their stated reasoning. it's understandable economically. part of the reason mgm is in financial trouble is years ago they released films like "lions for lambs" where the victims were the united states government, america. >> brian: i don't remember protesting that. >> they didn't change the villains after with the release. and the people were attracted to the original "red dawn" which starred patrick swayze, jennifer grey and that little known actor, charlie sheen. part of the reason they were attracted to it is because of the themes of individual -- >> brian: thanks. we got to wrap. thanks so much.
8:26 am
great pick up. jackie chan movie still okay. >> alisyn: good. at the moment. but next, brand-new information on a fox news alert. first images coming in of the u.s. fighter plane that crash landed in libya. >> brian: then do you think it's easy being the oldest kid? >> all i hear all day long is how great marsha is at that, marsha, marsha, marsha. >> brian: chit chip from my three sons? we'll tell you about birth order and what it means for you and what you should be doing, especially if you're the youngest. it's an eye opener.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> the u.n. coalition troops doing a great job in libya. there are a lot of countries like colombia that wanted to be part of the coalition, but they got rejected. i guess their army audition tape just -- i guess the u.n. was not impressed. here. take a look. >> brian: yeah, we don't need them. we got united emirates. >> steve: something went hay fire. >> alisyn: that was a fail your to launch.
8:31 am
meanwhile, just moments ago, breaking news. air force one jetted off carrying president obama and his family on the 6 1/2 hour flight from chile to el salvador. the president monitoring the air assaults on libya while wrapping up his working vacation in latin america. wendell goler is live now at the white house with the latest. what's going to happen today, wendell? >> san salvador is the third and final stop on the president's south and central american tour. another country, el salvador, that has successfully made the transition to democratic rule. another country which the president hopes to expand u.s. trade, create more jobs in this country. but immigration, gun running, drug trafficking likely to come up in his talks with the president there. those are issues that were largely absent in his talks in chile where last night at a state dinner, the president said that country's transition to democratic rule sends a powerful message to the middle east, quote, that you, too, can be free and democracy cannot be
8:32 am
imposed from the outside. it must spring from within. throughout this trip, the officials say the president has been monitoring events in libya, including an hour-long briefing on air force one between brazil and chile. in santiago, he defended the coalition approach saying the way that the u.s. took leadership and managed this process insures international legitimacy and more. >> our partners, members of the international coalition are bearing the burden of following through on the mission as well because as you know, in the past, there have been times where the united states acted unilaterally or did not have full international support, and as a consequence, typically it was the united states military that ended up bearing the entire burden. >> the coalition may be fracturing. turkey is angry at the scale of the attacks in libya.
8:33 am
it says it may block the possibility of turning over the mission to nato. if that happens, italy says it may not allow british and french fighters to use its bases. meanwhile, republican senator john mccain says the no fly zone should be expanded to a no drive zone to keep gadhafi's troops and democrats likely to see that >> alisyn: thank you. >> brian: the president will be back soon. but 27 minutes before the top of the hour, a fox news alert. we're seeing the first video of the u.s. war plane that crashed in libya a short time ago. the two pilots happily ejected safely from the f-15 e eagle. they were found separately and with minor injuries. you're seeing the footage. the military says the plane has some sort of mechanical problem. they don't think it was shot down. the pilots are okay and the rebels were there to meet them. rebels are advancing on the city of -- here we go adjubaia in
8:34 am
eastern libya. they're vowing to continue their offensive towards tripoli now that the coalition establish add no fly zone. but gadhafi isn't giving up. his forces are attacking two towns in western libya. there are reports of civilian casualties. steve? >> steve: meanwhile, the terminally ill child known as baby joseph is recovering from surgery this morning. doctors in st. louis, missouri hope that tracheotomy will extend his life perhaps by a few months. he is expected to be in intensive care for at least a week and will later be allowed to go home with a portable breathing machine. joseph was in a canadian hospital hours electric -- from being taken off life support. a panel ruled doctors could do nothing more to help him. >> alisyn: new information from south carolina where officials say a train inspector has been fired for lying about inspecting a miniature train that derailed,
8:35 am
leaving a six-year-old dead. police say he falsified a safety report, then lied to investigators after the accident. >> brian: with more and more americans getting fatter, the federal transit authority says it may now have to cut the number of passengers allowed on buses. that means higher bus fares. the average passenger in the 1960s used to weigh 164 pounds on average. now the average passenger weighs 200 pounds. >> alisyn: is that right? that's a huge jump. >> steve: make the buses bigger. >> alisyn: there is a solution. >> brian: or are thinner people riding in cars? >> steve: i don't know. >> alisyn: they're walking. >> steve: but if they were in cars, you know what? chances are, they might be driving a ford because the ford motor company, while chrysler and gm got those gigantic government bailouts and, of course, we still own a whole bunch, the federal government does -- of gm, so-called the government motors, the people at
8:36 am
ford -- we told you about how some of the executives got pretty lucrative bonuses. >> alisyn: millions of dollars. >> steve: now the united auto workers union members who work for ford say, look, we took big pay cuts. in fact, in some cases, you look back to when the recession started, we probably gave up anywhere between 7,000 and $30,000 over the last couple of years. so now that there is a new contract going to be negotiated this summer, we want a big increase. >> alisyn: so last year, ford made $6.6 billion. so the workers say okay. if you can afford to pay the executives millions of dollars in bonus, one of the stipulations that the workers, united auto workers unions gave up was any of the bonuses for the regular worker. so they said, we gave up our bonuses and cost of living increases, so we want those back. that will be part of the negotiations coming up. >> brian: out of the three auto companies, guess the one that will be hammered the hardest? the one who is most successful,
8:37 am
that was ford. not only that, ford is the most susceptible because they have the greatest profit and also didn't have to negotiate with unions to get them to stay on the job and to get them to take lower fees. and therefore, they still have enough provision that they can strike. chrysler, evidently and gm cannot strike. so now they seem to feel as though they have the hammer. >> steve: yeah. stand by for that. brian, i just realized, alisyn and i have something in common. >> brian: which is? >> steve: in our families, we were the first born. she an only child. >> brian: i was a middle kid. totally unnecessary as a child. i was told that a lot. >> steve: you were unnecessary? >> brian: yeah, you can go anywhere you want. you two i'm going to focus. >> alisyn: you're the peace maker, right? you don't want anybody to be upset. is that what middle children do? >> brian: no, not at all. i don't know what you're reading there is some trends done by parent magazine, they talked to
8:38 am
a bunch of kids up until 15 and said, what are some common traits, on the oldest, more nobel peace prize winners are the oldest kids. >> alisyn: i'm sure yours is in the mail. >> brian: they're quicker to have allergies. >> steve: youngest siblings, you tend to win more nobel prizes. >> alisyn: those are true of you, bribe. >> steve: no, no. he's a middle child. >> brian: that was the youngest. the contact sports and thing, you tend to be more of a kamikaze type. >> steve: look at this. this new study of something like 13,000 kids discovered that if you are the first born child, you're more likely to have allergies, food allergies and other stuff. they don't exactly know why. >> alisyn: they have some speculation. it's that when you have your first baby, you're very careful when they come home from the hospital, you made sure everything is clean, everything is sanitized. and by the time you have your
8:39 am
second or third, there is dirt laying around your house, there is some piles of laundry. i speak from experience. my third child, honestly, and i'm not kidding, my third child, at one point my husband and i looked up and said, oh, neat, you can walk. and we hadn't known he could walk. >> brian: and i've been carrying you all week! >> alisyn: that's right. and it's possible he is he is posed to more germs. >> brian: you know what's going to happen to nate? he's going to go, how come there are no pictures of me 'til confirmation? i need a sketch artist. >> steve: here is a grocery store surveillance shot of you at four months. >> brian: you're challenging your brother. >> steve: that's so true. do you think that's right? e-mail us right now. i don't know if we'll have time to read it during the show. >> brian: and if you can help raise nate, that would certainly help. >> steve: let's take a look at what's going on out in the atmosphere and look up in the sky.
8:40 am
that is a funnel cloud spotted out in california yesterday. the national weather service issued a tornado warning. according to the wires i have read today, there was no damage. >> brian: or i read to you. >> steve: that's right. let's take a look and we've got a little snow in the western dakotas right now, back through big sky country in montana. we've got rain and thunderstorms as well extending from the minnesota area, minneapolis, down through chicagoland, portions of indiana and ohio at this hour. from the mid atlantic down south, it's nice and dry. widely scattered showers across portions of texas. but otherwise a bit of a calm day. mid 60s in the mid plains. 60s all along the gulf coast, through texas and florida and later on today, it will get downright hot, approaching 90 in the rio grande valley. 86 in san antonio. in memphis, they'll have 80. looks like if you're in cleveland and the ohio valley today, your highs will probably be in the 40s.
8:41 am
>> alisyn: okay. coming up, president obama, as we've been discussing, did not go to congress for a resolution on military action in libya. why didn't the united nations get the final say? peter johnson, jr. is up next on that. >> brian: and don't count this young athlete out of any competition. he was born with one leg. still he became a wrestling champion. he beat the incredible odds. he'll be joining us live. wish granted. lean cuisine has a fresh new bag. lean cuisine market creations steam meals. like new chicken poblano with tender white meat chicken, crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce. new from lean cuisine.
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8:44 am
>> brian: he was born with just one leg, but that didn't stop anthony from winning the wrestling championship in his weight class. watch. >> alisyn: here with us now is the man of the hour, anthony robles. good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: tell us what that moment was like. >> it was exciting, like a dream come true. we've been working all year to get to that point and there was just a lot of emotions going through my mind.
8:45 am
i was terrified out there, but as soon as the match started, it was like any other match for me. i kind of just relaxed a little bit and actually the cheering of the crowd pumped me up that much more. it was a fun experience. >> brian: you finished the season 36-0. you got named outstanding wrestler. there is no professional wrestling in that collegiate wrestling. so you're going to call it quits for your career. what got you started? what made you think, i'm born with one leg, let's try wrestling? >> my older cousin got me interested in the sport. i liked the one on one aspect of it. wrestling was a sport you didn't have to be the biggest or strongest. it was about finding a styling of wrestling that worked for you and that is what appealed to me, to the sport. i didn't have to worry about my one leg. >> steve: yeah. but wrestling not your only sport. you played football as a freshman. tell us what you did. >> i did play football when i was a freshman.
8:46 am
that was my first sport i fell in love with was football. but i was only 90 pounds my freshman year and they had me as a defensive tackle. i learned quick against those bigger guys that i was way too small for football. >> alisyn: that aside, anthony, you've overcome obstacles in your life. your friends tell us you don't consider yourself disabled. what's your philosophy? >> honestly i believe i can do whatever i set my mind to. my parents raised me that way. they didn't give me any special treatment. i grew up with my three brothers and my sister believing i was just like them. i did everything that they did and that mindset carried with me as i grew up. my family has always been a huge supporter of me and my wrestling and they're a great source of inspiration for me. it was awesome to be able to share that national championship with them. they're up in the crowd and it's exciting.
8:47 am
>> brian: with the whole world, espn did a feature on you, everyone has been talking on you. you benched 305, you weigh 225 pounds. what i don't understand is where do you get the balance? how do you start wrestling? it's hard enough staying on your feet. the other guy's job, get you off your feet. you got one. how do you balance? >> actually that was the hardest part for me initially when i first started wrestling was figuring out the balance part. that's a huge aspect in wrestling is the balance. it was kind of just a trial and error thing. my coaches would put me in different positions and see how i felt and tried to get me used to it. eventually it kind of paid off. >> steve: no kidding. you've got a fantastic story. you're going to graduate in may from arizona state and become a motivational speaker. you, sir, have a great story to tell. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> alisyn: thanks. meanwhile, president obama decided not to go to congress
8:48 am
for the resolution to bomb libya. he went to the united nations instead. peter johnson, jr. is here to explain why this could be a dangerous precedent. >> brian: let's check in now with martha mccallum. one of the stars of "america's news room," i understand. how are you? >> there are two of us and the other will be out in a moment. the clock is ticking on two fronts really right now. bill and i ready to tell you the very latest in japan, radiation spikes to 1600 times normal levels, 12 miles away from the plant. we've got the latest on that. secretary gates said within a matter of days into the libya mission, others would take the lead. today the no fly zone is being expanded. all that coming up at the top of the hour.
8:49 am
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>> brian: fox news alert. we're seeing the first video of the u.s. war plane that crashed in libya. the two pilots ejected safely from the f-15 e eagle. there is only minor injuries for both. the military says the plane had some sort of mechanical problem. they don't think it was shot down. that is why president obama continues to defend his approach to the libyan crisis. >> i think it's very easy to square our military actions and our stated policies. our military action is in support of an international mandate from the security council that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by colonel gadhafi to his people. >> brian: but he also wants gadhafi to leave. some say congress not the united nations supreme court council that should determine whether the u.s. engages in military conflicts. peter johnson, jr. is here with his take. >> it's a constitutional issue
8:53 am
and an issue about what we want our presidents to be going forward. is this a new imperial presidency? is this the new obama doctrine which says follow the u.n. and ignore the american congress. >> brian: the left is outraged more than the right! >> well, i think you'll see a lot of americans outraged, especially when you see the video that we just saw a few seconds ago with this downed american f-15. was there a discussion with the american people? was there a 9:00 o'clock speech from the white house? we know the president was in south america. we know he was playing soccer, toasting champagne. we know he was doing his picks for the ncaa. we know all that. but do we know what he said to us as the american people? so the issue becomes not taking credit as certain administration officials have in the "new york times" for enforcement of this new responsibility to protect policy, this united nations global will policy. i believe in american exceptionalism and i believe we have an opportunity and a right
8:54 am
to lead in the world. so what are we doing when we ignore the will of the american congress and say, i'm going to adopt what the u.n. says and to heck with everyone else? >> brian: it's weird because president bush goes to the congress and was urged, go to the u.n. this president goes to the u.n. and they say, what about congress? listen to what then senator obama said who wanted to be president in 2007 of military action. >> the president does not have power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military tack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation, to our nation. is there an actual and imminent threat to our nation? we know there is a civil war, we know there is one of the most horrible mad men of all time is -- of libya. we know american presidents have blown this for 40 years. does the standard become, okay, next, should we take out north
8:55 am
korea? next, should there be a no fly zone? when our allies are questioned about their conduct towards their people, will we be as amenable to that? it's a very slippery slope. it's a harsh standard that we're undertaking and we really have to look where presidential power is going. >> brian: interesting, peter, according to a recent poll, 70% of the american people are behind this presidential action. >> for now. >> brian: true. >> all wars, because we're patriotic. we want our soldiers to do well. but did the president tell us what it would entail? no fly zone means war. we're at war. >> brian: thank you very much, peter johnson, jr. john kerry doesn't call it a war. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. i'm going to sit on the couch. ♪ sun in the sky
8:56 am
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8:59 am
school, higher i.q.s. we opened it up to you and said, what do you think about that whole birth order thing? >> brian: a lot of you said different things 'cause you were focusing on yourselves. here it is. >> alisyn: first borns tend to? >> brian: tom in ohio, i'm the third child from a large family and have always felt neglected. i call it the third child syndrome. he stole it from the middle child. >> alisyn: one says the allergy thing is not true because first borns apparently have more allergies. i'm the youngest of five and i have all the allergies. i'm sorry to hear that. >> steve: meanwhile, ann marie in florida says, you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm? but the second mouse gets the cheese. so, ann marie apparently a cheese lover. >> brian: only children are my favorite. >> alisyn: they are driven, like the oldest child, but friendly like the middle child. only children are perfect. i'm ad libbing that. >> steve: you would then be an


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